Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service - Quality servicing without worries

Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service - Quality servicing without compromises

It is of utmost importance to maintain and service your car. Regular servicing and maintenance is critical to ensure the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort and longevity of a car. And it all boils down to where you choose to do it.

Servicing your vehicle at Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service leaves you without worries
There is much more to servicing than simply giving it an 'oil change'. Perhaps the old $25 dollar oil change might have sufficed a decade ago but now, with new cars having sophisticated systems, there is much more to servicing than you would think. And finding the right shop to get a job well done can be tough.

It's not difficult at Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service though, where you can experience quality servicing without worries.

Who is Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service?

In 2006, people were changing new cars frequently, as COE prices were low and the economy was good, boosting the automotive industry. As a result, competition amongst automotive-related businesses was tough. One such company was Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service - who almost had to close down then.

The founder saw a niche in the automotive industry back in 1972 and with a strong desire to do things better, he founded Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service. At the very beginning, the company started out at Owen Road, providing only vehicle electrical services. It then moved from its premises to Eunos and then to its current location at Autobay @ Kaki Bukit where they have been located since 2009.

Today, it has evolved with changing times to become a one-stop car servicing and repair centre.

Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service is the first Goodyear Autocare store in Singapore
What are some of the products and services Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service offers?

Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service is honoured to be the first Goodyear Autocare store in Singapore and has embraced the Goodyear branded retail concept since January 2011. Hence, customers can find a wide range of Goodyear products as well as seek professional advice on the brand here.

Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service specialises in car servicing and offers a wide variety of car maintenance products featuring international brands like MOTUL, GUNK, ENEOS and many others. Besides these, they also offer unique services such as hydrogen carbon cleaning using the EP-350B Oxy-Hydrogen generator, where the inside of an engine can be cleared of carbon deposits in a totally non-invasive procedure - using a simple, safe and environment-friendly 40 minutes method.

This process is intended to clean away deposits and restore engine performance, increase throttle response, as well as lower exhaust emission levels. Because of cleaner burning inside the combustion chambers and lower friction interference, fuel consumption levels are also expected to drop as a result. More notably, the service life of the engine may be extended significantly.

Although Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service's core business is in car servicing, they also provide non-technical services such as motor claims service and motor insurance renewal.

What are the some of the advantages that Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service has?

A professional team of mechanics ensures your vehicle is in good care
Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service provides quality services at affordable and reasonable prices. The technical team comprises of certified automotive mechanics and they are constantly upgrading themselves to keep in touch with the latest technologies.

After shifting to their current premises which is more spacious with a higher capacity, waiting time for customers has been greatly reduced and efficiency increased so as to serve them better.

Different customised servicing packages are offered to customers, tailored to suit their requirements. For example, servicing package 'A', which is specially designed for every 10,000km oil change interval will include a 25 points check, handbrake adjustment, as well as balancing and rotating tyres. On the other hand, servicing package 'C', specially designed for 40,000km oil change interval will include package 'A', as well as a replacement of spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, transmission fluid and brake fluid.

As you arrive at Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service's website, you can see a section called "Huat Lee Mega Deals". What's so special about this section is that it comes in the form of 'deal-of-the-day' similar to popular sites like Groupon. Various car servicing deals as well as car maintenance products can be found here.

"Huat Lee Mega Deals" serve as the headlines on their website, constantly serving up promotions
An important point that sets it apart from other sites is that all details as well as terms and conditions are listed out clearly, so customers can be rest assured that what they see is what they get. That's not all, there are constant promotions over at Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service and some of them include a complimentary car servicing with every insurance renewal as well as an engine care package by GUNK at only $55!

Why should you visit Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service?

Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service is a veteran in this industry. With 40 years of expertise, it's little wonder, that their team of dedicated technicians know their stuff at the back of their hands. These guys are trained and highly qualified, therefore ensuring that the workmanship is kept at a professional level.

Their dedication and professionalism can be proven via several testimonials by their customers. Here is one of them.

"I heard from a few contacts on a good workshop and decided to give it a try some months ago. So far, I have been to Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service for a few times and I think it is hard to find someone else. If you are looking for workshops with quality and reliability yet with reasonable prices, this is the one you should try. The young boss, Nigel is polite and attentive, and his approach is always like a friend, discussing and explaining issues with you. His expert advice on maintenance and practical suggestions on car usage has led to better mileage clocked and improved performance to my RAV4. If you want to take care of your car and your wallet at the same time, look no further," said Mr. Edward Lim, a satisfied customer.

Being the first Goodyear Autocare store in Singapore, Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service was featured in Goodyear Singapore's trade publication. Goodyear Autocare is a premium auto service centre that provides customers with professional service and good customer care with loyalty programs, giving them more reasons to come back again.

Comfy sofa and various entertainment enhance the entire experience
As we all know, the environment at workshops can be rather humid, dusty and hot, coupled with the weather, it's not really a nice place to be, while waiting for your car to be serviced. Recognising this problem - Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service has a fully air-conditioned lounge, equipped with a television, newspapers, magazines as well as free flow water, exclusively for their customers while waiting for their car to be serviced.

Furthermore, accessibility for customers has been increased with a shuttle service to Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service from Eunos MRT Station and vice versa!


Standing by their philosophy, Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service believes in giving your car the best service, because you only deserve the best without compromises.

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Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service is open on Mondays through Saturdays from 9.30pm to 6.30pm. They are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Huat Lee Batteries & Motor Service is located at:

Autobay @ Kaki Bukit Hse 1, Kaki Bukit Ave 6, Blk C #01-65/66 S(417883)

Phone: 67475823, 67476477

Mobile: 98307738

Fax: 67412523
For enquiry & reservations, please contact us at 98307738
Alternatively, you can email your enquiries to [email protected] or visit us at
Shell Station (with McDonald Drive-through) at 9, Tampines Ave 2, S(529731)
We specialise in all Audi, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Madza, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Subaru, all Korean cars, Mercedes, BMW ,Volkswagen.

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